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Marvel Productions; 2000 - 2015

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some of my fave pics of the day for ECCC


What i hate most is  the bad mouthing of our troops both past, present and future. you know all the freedoms you enjoy? They are the reason you have them. Yes you have the right to protest them and be anti-war and anti-soldier but just remember they fought and died for those rights and they are the reason you have them. If they never did we would prob still be under British rule and have less freedoms then we have now. You bad mouth any military person and i will loose all respect i have for you and never again have any for you. You know why america is a country because of a war. Because brave men put there lives on the line to make it one. Saying you do not support war to me is like saying you do not like freedom or america. Give the troops the respect they deserve do not spit on them or call them baby killer. You do not know what they went through until you have served do not talk about what you know anything about. Now i only know what i have read in books, heard from friends and family who have served, and Veterans i have talked to. But I know without a doubt I would serve and gladly give my life for my country but my asthma, heart and kidney problems prevents me from doing so. But that does not stop me from thanking every single serviceman and servicewoman i see. And if they are not in a rush and neither am i will talk to them. They are the real superheroes because they fought or are fighting for you to be safe and free. I mean Captain America for instance was a solider and served his country and was proud to do so. I know that is only fiction though so here is another example. My cousin Served as was happy to do so. So please  do not disrespect them or their sacrifices they made. I do not care if you say “I have freedom of speech i can say what i want” you do but that does not mean you should be a dick. You know why Country music singers are the ones who went to the middle east more than other performers it is because they love God and their country that is taken from an actual musician i spoke with. I honestly feel this who do not support the troops are cowards. That is why a lot of the draft dodgers went to Canada they were cowards and in doing so they committed a crime. So if you will not stand behind our troops please stand in front of them. 


10.Oliver and Company

9. Robin Hood

8. Swiss Family Robinson

7. Pete’s Dragon

6. The Rescuers 

5. Davy Crockett and the River Pirates 

4. Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier 

3. Lion King II: Simba’s Pride 

2. The Rescuers Down Under 

1. The Lion King (also my fave movie of all time) 


a new buddy of mine did this amazing serenity cosplay made it all herself (with help from family) this is an amazing cosplay to see more work here is her page:


Before i do my full review i figured i would Highlight the best moments now this is not the order i put them in this is Season order i will include season number and episode number 

1. Meet Harmon Rabb and Bud Roberts . Pilot aka a New Life S1 E1 

2. A.J. Chegwidden becomes acting JAG. Smoked S1 E14 

3.. Macs Doppelgangers murder/End of NBC run. Skeleton Crew  S1 E21 

4..Meet Sarah MacKenzie/Start of CBS run. We the people S2 E1 

5. Mac learns about Diane (her Doppelganger and how she was murdered) Death Watch S3 E19

6. Budd and Harriet’s Wedding Wedding Bell Blues S3 E23 

7. Harm learns what became of his father. To Russia with Love S3 E 24 and Gypsy Eyes S4 E1 

8. Meet Mic Brumy. Mr. Rabb goes to Washington S4 E8

9.  Harm gets emotionally attached to the case of a dead child. Nobody’s Child S4 E17 it is concluded in S4 E24 Goodbyes. 

10.  Harm  Leaves JAG to fly combat missions. Yeah Baby S4 E23 and Goodbyes S4 E24

11. Australian Trial Boomerang pt.1 and 2 S5 E15-16

12. The  Admiral defends JAG Gunnery Sargent. People vs Gunny S5 E17

13. Harm finds out he has a brother.  Legacy pt.1 pt. 2 S6 E1-2

14. Defending a Vietnam Vet accused of  massacring an innocent village A Separate Peace S6 EP7-8

15. Harm Lost at Sea. Adrift S6 E24-S7 E1  

16. Meet Sturgis Turner. S7E2

17. Bud looses his leg. Enemy Below S7 E24-Critical Condition S8 E1 

18. The 2 part NCIS Spin-off. Ice Queen S8 E20 and Meltdown S8 E21

19. Mac and Webb CIA Mission/Harm Resigns for Second time. Pas De Deux S8 E 23, A Tangled Webb Part 1 S8 E24, and A tangled Web pt. 2

20.. Harm works for the CIA, Shifting Sands S9 E2, Secret Agent Man S9 E3 The one that got away S9 E4, and Touchdown S9 E5

21. Harm Returns to JAG. Close Quarters S9 E7

22. Admiral Chegwidden Retires. Hail and Farewell S9 E23 

23. General Gordon Cresswell becomes acting JAG. A Whole New Ball Game. S10 E4. 

24. The Almost Spin-off. JAG San Diego S10 E17

25. Harm and Mac Admit their feelings for one another/the series finale. Fair Winds and Following Seas S10 E22. (this is by far the best moment in the show i was in tears by the end of it) 

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Here’s to receiving the presidential treatment this valentine’s day

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